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You agree to use Memories website only for purposes that are permitted by these Terms & Condition. Please kindly take some time to read these Terms & Conditions (T&C) prior to using the site (memories.my.official). Your use of the site understood & agreed to abide to these T&C.

We may from time to time modify or change the Terms and Condition. Our Terms of Use were last updated on 22 February 2024 Terms and Conditions Agreement applies from this date onwards. 



  • You may place your order on Memories website with ensure that your personal data is correct and updated. An order number will be given with every success placed.
  • After order has been placed, it is not allowed to make any changes, kindly ensure you have selected the correct item(s) in the correct colous and sizes before placing an order.
  • Order will be cancelled if payment hasn’t made within 24 hours.
  • Please note, once your order has been placed, your order may not be cancelled.



  • Backorder are sold out item(s) that arranged re-manufactured and allow for secure your piece first.
  • Estimated Time Arrival (ETA) of each backorder date will be state clearly on title and option.
  • Backorder are produced in different batches, please kindly allow 20% discrepancy for each batch in terms of colors & measurement.
  • For order consist of backorder & ready stocks items, kindly notes that will shipped out once all backorder item(s) arrive.
  • Customer may request to shipped out ready stock first and will be charges extra postage fee. Please contact our customer service for more details.



  • Ready stocks order will be shipped within 1-3 working days. Delivery is carried our during working days, Monday to Friday, and is excluding weekends and public holidays.
  • If your order under BACKORDER, it will shipped out once all backorder item(s) arrive.
  • Once the tracking number is emailed to you, your parcel is under the responsibility of our third party postage service provided, any delay or lost parcel happened is beyond our control.

Bounced Parcel

  • We will contact via Whatsapp / Email if we received any bounced parcel
  • Cost of re-delivery will be borne by customer.
  • Bounced parcel that are unclaimed after 180 days (half year) will be deemed as Memories property & no compensation will be done as sufficient response time has been given.


  • Please allow 10-20% discrepancies in the product colour due to lightning and monitor resolutions (Actual May appear darker/ brighter). In such cases, the variance may not be considered as a defect.
  • Less than 1cm defect or scratches are not considered as damage, it’s not under refund/exchange policies.
  • Minor imperfection (small black dots/ small stain/loose thread below 1cm) which are not obvious and doesn’t affect the whole appearance of item will not considered as defect.
  • Memories are not responsible on clothes cut by scissors, cutter during unboxing by customers and scorched damage by iron.
  • Do contact us on our IG/FB dm inbox if you believe you have received a defective product within 5 days.

Garment Fabric Care

  • Use gentle machine wash with a maximum temperature of 30 Degrees Celsius.
  • Hand wash with cold water, rinse and dry well before hanging.
  • We recommend to wash with laundry bag / laundry net to keep the garment in good condition
  • Please separate your laundry into Dark & Light colour to prevent color dyeing
  • Always rinse your new item in cold water before wearing to avoid colour runs.
  • Avoid washing denim/rough materials with other soft fabric to prevent pilings.
  • Always iron on low heat.
  • Please do not leave garments with whites and coloured panels soaking for long periods.
  • We suggest not use too much of softener, detergent & bleach

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