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(Defect Item) The Unbelievable Culotte

RM 55.30


Model: Steph

Height: 164cm

Weight: 49kg

Model Wearing Size : S (Long)

Model: Wannee

Height: 156cm

Weight: 45kg

Model Wearing Size: S (Long)

Colour: Black, Brown, Beige, Blue

(Short) Size : XS, S, M, L

 XS: Length 89cm, Waist 58-72cm (Stretchable), Hip 88cm, Thigh 52cm

 S: Length 91cm, Waist 60-74cm (Stretchable), Hip 92cm, Thigh 54cm

M: Length 91cm, Waist 62-78cm (Stretchable), Hip 96cm, Thigh 56cm

L: Length 93cm, Waist 66-82cm (Stretchable), Hip 100cm, Thigh 58cm

(Long) Size : XS, S, M, L, XL 

 XS: Length 99cm, Waist 56-72cm (Stretchable), Hip 88cm, Thigh 50cm

 S: Length 99cm, Waist 60-76cm (Stretchable), Hip 92cm, Thigh 52cm

M: Length 99cm, Waist 64-80cm (Stretchable), Hip 96cm, Thigh 54cm

L: Length 101cm, Waist 70-84cm (Stretchable), Hip 100cm, Thigh 58cm

XL: Length 101cm, Waist 72-88cm (Stretchable), Hip 104cm, Thigh 60cm

*All dimension are measured manually with deviation 1-3cm*  

Attention for Perfectionist

** Defect item, product which is imperfectly made. **

All product which under the category of defect item are not valid for returns nor exchanges.

PROBLEMS might including: Fluff problem / Sewing improper / dirt on front or back.

Kindly ensure that you have clearly understand about the defective product(s) will be received after payment done before checking out. 

Please note, once your payment has been made, your order may not be cancelled.

Each defect area may be variant, will randomly send out to Baby M who ordered.


Defect item 也就是瑕疵品


瑕疵包括:缝制问题,局部起毛,前面或后面沾有污点 (不影响穿搭)


一旦下单付款成功后 一律不得取消或退换